Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party Treats, UPGRADED!

Ok, so you're having a great party and you've spent countless hours styling the event. Don't waste all of that time planning a pretty party and then serve last years chips and some cake! Take some quick tips from this post about some great party treats, UPGRADED ;)

Instead of a bowl of party mix, serve Circus Popcorn! You can get multiple colors or just the colors that coordinate with your event. (Photo/link: Etsy seller - worthafortune)

Instead of a tired bowl of candy, serve some beautiful and super tasty marshmallows! These Neapolitan marshmallows make my mouth water...YUM! You can get handmade marshmallows in every flavor you can think of these days. (Photo/link: Etsy Seller - Fusion sweets)

Instead of cupcakes, serve cake pops or have both! You just can't go wrong with cake on a stick. If you haven't had a cake pop yet, find some and have it, you will be hooked! They are so super yummy you may never go back to cupcakes again. This beauty is from Terri of Terri's Treasures. (Photo/link: Face Book - Terri's Treasures)

Instead of a boxed pastry, try these great baked mini doughnuts. Some would say that the doughnut is the new cupcakes for parties. They absolutely could be that but if you just can't put the cupcake down, these doughnuts are also a great addition! (Photo/link: Etsy seller - Doughadeer)

Instead of plain old Rice Krispie treats, try Rice Krispie treat and candy sushi! This has got to be super fun to make with the kids. This could be something cool be have the kids make at the party and take home as the favor too! I'm dying to make this now : ) (Photo/link: Food Network)

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  1. Love it! The circus popcorn esp! I feat. ms. doughadeer today too and whimsyandspice. Check it out :)

  2. Right, I love doughadeer too :) I'll check out your post now. Thanks so much!

  3. Oh, my goodness...what cute ideas! I have really been wanting to try my hand at making some of those cute cake pops. I saw that Bakerella even made teapot ones! Now, how cute is that?!! I love those cute marshmallows! Great ideas, Khaliah!